Sunday, September 28, 2008


  Ocean   2007   15x11   Mixed media on canvas                                                    
     I set out to make four pictures that dealt with the elements of earth, air, fire and water.  I love to start a new piece by building up the canvas in layers.  For this particular piece, I used various types of distressed paper, gel medium and acrylic paint.  It began the process of creating a dialogue with the piece. 
     I found the framed foreign stamps at a thrift store and started to experiment with their color and composition, considering how the stamps might work as the focal point.  It's all about playing and seeing what happens next.  I find the subtraction of elements while making this kind of art just as important as the addition. I build it up, and if it doesn't seem to work, I break it down again.  I love the ocean but in all honesty I'm actually pretty frightened of it at the same time.  I consider it to be a very healthy respect!